Time to wake up from the slumber and illusion of the matrix through The Metamorphosis Path

We awaken, heal and empower women to start their ascension path ,unlock their potential, live with meaning and become Lightworkers and sovereign souls on this journey of earth.

Let us walk you through the awakening and healing process, coaching you in the art and alchemy of spiritual change in order to break free from the matrix and master the internal game to conquer the external game. We will help you connect with divinity and your true powerful unique spark

Spread your wings and ascend through the metamorphosis journey.

Alchemical Awakening coaching helps you morph from crawling in life to ascending high and far, from surviving to thriving and even beyond...

Why crossing from darkness to light and from fear to faith is Important ?

The Metamorphosis Path was created because of our strong belief in alchemical change and transformation as the best gateway for freedom and ascension.

Alchemical awakening coaching helps you remember, heal and  unleash your highest possible expression to become Light, Freedom, Abundance and joy.

To be divinely phenomenal and have a divinely phenomenal life you have to access divinely phenomenal consciousness , energy and tools

We help you Heal your darkness and activate your light

We teach you to trenscend the body/mind to achieve your heart & soul dreams, goals and desires, walking you through the metamorphosis path journey.

The process is mind-blowing and extremely rewarding and liberating.

Alchemical Awakening Life Coaching - your doorway for awakening and ascending...

The first session of the rebirth programme was eye opening I had never realised the deep emotions/feeling that were embedded in me. I knew I had some kind of awareness but I never knew what exactly they were and how engrained they were. So as I talked about my past and my current self I started to find the link between them. It was really hard to completely open up because I had never done that before but this programme helped me to open up to myself. This programme also helped me to create a new identify of who I want to be, and the things I need to do to in order to achieve my goals of becoming a new person for which I am happy with.

Bano Ahmadzadah

I met Souhila at a very stressful, dis-hearting and uncertain time in my life. It was very hard to make sense of things which had happened and caused me much grief. Souhila coached me in finding new tools to work on my self, in order to become strong again, by being part of the Rebirth programme which offers holistic coaching sessions. Souhila looked at every aspect of my life, both personal as well as professional. With her support I was able to transform my life, change my mindset and I now have a totally different outlook at life, one of happiness, fulfilment and wellbeing. I can highly recommend Souhila Abdelazziz and the Re-Birth and Metamorphosis Path programmes

Nanda Rammers

Souhila is a wonderfully warm and talented lady who is giving the Cancer Society advice and practical help with a change management programme at present. Souhila gives of her time most generously and is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her knowledge and experience is first class. Souhila would be an asset to any organisation or individual who would enlist her services. I feel very privileged to have met and worked with her

Jane Condell

Manager Volunteer Services at Cancer Society of New Zealand Canterbury & West Coast, New Zealand
Souhila is an amazing woman who helped change my life for the better. She gently takes you through a series of techniques which work on and embed a feeling of confidence, happiness and excitement about your own future. Within a week I was already feeling the benefits of meeting with her and being mentored via text. Daily exercises kept me focused and are now a normal part of my life. I would highly recommend to anyone who feels stuck or despondent with life to make contact with Souhila. An amazing woman with incredible skills in the area of life coaching

Viv Williams

We hired Souhila to run some sessions for our wahine and young girls in the community. Her approach and style of coaching was very impactful. She helped in empowering the wahine to start thinking of their limiting beliefs and start flourishing and working towards their goals. She also granted certificate of completion to our women and girls with a constructive feedback to help them use the tools they have, to work on their strengths and improve on their weaknesses and potential opportunities. All the women really enjoyed and found her sessions quite useful, not only she is an awesome life coach, she is also an amazing chef ? thank you Souhila for being such an amazing mentor

Zahra Hussaini

Souhila is a very inspiring and dedicated to her work. She brings amazing gifts of the Universe which makes her a unique coach. I had the opportunity to attend her time management workshop and throughly enjoyed it. She not only talked about time management but several other aspects of life. I highly recommends her service as a Coach.

Harpreet Kaur

I had an enlightening session with you it really resonated with you . Now i have so much to think about. I am so ready now to take steps to move forward. You coach from your heart and soul and your intuition is amazing thank you thank you

Lorraine Ann

Souhila is a amazing person to talk with and she really takes the time for you and help you understand the things as they are. She has given wonderful advise and I am grateful I had the opportunity to talk with her. I highly recommend her to anyone else

Tamara Baptist

Souhila is an amazing person who was able to make a heart and soul connection with me over time and space! I was in desperate need of this type of coaching and then all of sudden I got this great opportunity! Souhila gave me great life advice for healing! My heart and soul want to thank her!

Michelle George

Souhila is a wonderful human being, an amazing and very empathetic coach. With no prior contact, she was able to connect with me at a deep level right from our very first session. Her purpose driven practice and work ethic is very palpable and authentic. Thank you so much Souhila! You have helped me shed light onto my own path and inspired me to keep seeking for more

Gianinna Tedesco

Your ascension journey starts with a choice you make NOW, so stop delaying it any longer!

Powerlessness is by far the number one epidemy of our modern age society.

If you are willing to move from powerless to your natural state of powerful, check out my products and services and let’s kick start the metamorphosis path together.

To become an ascending butterflymetamorphosis is necessary. If the caterpillar never went through this process of change, it would never achieve its great destiny and become its most Sovereign glorious self.

We can reach our great destinies and liberation by sheding the layers of the false and embracing the truth

        ” The Metamorphosis Path”

is a Coaching, training and spiritual awakening

academy and institute with the vision to help women raise their awareness and frquency to be the powerhouse they are meant to be in the world

Souhila Abdelazziz

Alchemical Awakening and intuitive transformational life coach

Alchemy Life Coach ,Teacher,Speaker
Helping women cross from darkness to light and from fear to  faith ,unlock their potential and live with purpose

                    We help you Meet yourself , Heal your darkness and activate your light

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Are you ready to start ascending?

Are you willing to go to the next level but you doubt your abilities? Or don’t have the right tools and techniques under your belt?

Join us at The Metamorphosis Path where we hold your hand and cross with you through the change river to a better, stronger, more liberated version of you.

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    Our Signature Program for 2023

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