Author: Souhila Abdelazziz

Fear is manageable

Fear and anxiety are the products of our mismanaged minds It is never about what happens, it is always about how we choose to react/respond to it Do you need support managing your mind in order to move to a better place of peacefulness and surrender ? Book...

You are a blessing

We are the healing creative force of the world,it is high time we own it Book your seat now at the "Rebirth" programme or "Stop playing small" programme to learn how to unleash your power as a woman for more information send an email to [email protected] #you_are_a_blessing #the_rebirth #stop_playing_small...

IGNITE leadership and entrepreneurship for women


Leadership and Entrepreneurship for women It is high time for all women to unlock their potential and start doing their work into the world Join us now for a metamorphosis journey towards freedom and fulfillement To book your seat send us an email on :[email protected]