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from fear to faith

Organise your internal world in those times of change,why drowning when the Metamorphosis Path is here to help you transcend fear and alchemise it into faith…? Do you want to cross from fear to faith? Contact us on : WhatsApp:+642102288463...

From powerlessness to powerfulness

You can go nowhere in life before acknowledging your power and knowing how to rise up to your destiney Thank you for THE MUSLIM GIRLS NETWORK for organizing this talk Book your seat now for the upcoming ones via :

Honour Yourself Full day Retreat

The best thing you can do is connecting with yourself and building an authentic relationship with the different layers of your being in order to ignite your spiritual awakening A shout out for the amazing group of women who navigated this journey with us on 13/09 Book...

Story or Journey ?

Are you checking our weekly podcasts? If not you should as they might lift your consciousness level before you even can even notice it :)

Conscious Parenting Workshop

I have been honoured to deliver the Conscious Parenting Workshop in collaboration with Maysoon Salama and Al nur Childcare center on the 29/08 Parenting is first and firmost about parenting the child within us Stay tuned for more coming up about this  ...

Self-image podcast

To get more insights about self-image You can listen to our Podcast about self -image on iTunes


This week at the Metamorphosis Path we talk about self-image and why is it vital to decide consciously and deliberately about how we choose to see ourselves so this gets reflected in the external world...

Self-responsibility podcast

Our podcast this week about self-responsibility