The Metamorphosis Path Services

Helping empower women worldwide

We teach you how to reclaim your power back

Are you going after your dreams? Or stalling, procrastinating and shrinking?

Wherever you are in your journey, we can help you evolve, change and grow into the best you can be with our change management coaching.

Our coaching workshops and seminars are taught at events, in group sessions and in one-to-one coaching sessions. We coach you in a full range of life skills including:

Skill of Thinking
The skill of Feeling
The skill of taking action
Life Purpose
Mental and Emotional Health
Self Love and Self Acceptance
Business and entrepreneurship coaching

Empower yourself and start your metamorphosis journey

Events Coaching

Events Speaking: 1-2 Hours

Words are powerful beyond measure and help people embrace new thoughts and beliefs which definitely lead to new horizons.

My speeches are about, but not limited to:

  • The art and science of change
  • Purposeful living
  • Empowerment from within
  • Stop playing small

The outcomes:

  • New perspective about life
  • How thoughts input to generate new thoughts output
  • Permission to live your dreams
  • The art of not giving up no matter what

My speeches are tailored to each unique audience.

Retreats: 1day/2 days

The environment is crucial to the reboot process.

If you want to reprogramme your mind and take ownership of your life, there is nothing better than disconnecting in order to reconnect.

On this day retreat you will have the opportunity to take a step back from the chaos of your life and relax in a magical environment. Together we will look at your life and determine where you are and where you want to be, creating clear and achievable goals to help you on the path to reaching these goals.

The outcomes:

  • Rewrite your story
  • Create your vision
  • How to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be

Group Coaching

Honour Yourself: 3 Hours

We cannot embrace life fully and get access to our unlimited possibilities if we keep hating and rejecting ourselves.

Self-love is a skill that gets activated through self-awareness, practice and consistency.

It’s not just about pampering yourself, it’s more about a mindset and heart set shift.

The outcomes:

  • Triggering self-awareness about who you are and what are you here for
  • Create a new self-image
  • Craft our language
  • Get conscious of the life purpose

Personal Power Workshop: 3 Hours

Powerlessness is the number one epidemic in our modern society. Moving from powerlessness to powerfulness is a possibility for all of us.

In this 3 hour workshop I will take you through a series of powerful exercises that will transform your beliefs and self-image to allow you to thrive.

The outcomes:

  • Busting some damaging limiting beliefs
  • How to generate power from within
  • Practice is the mother of all skills

The Healing Journey Workshop: 3 Hours

Disconnection from ourselves and from our mission is the root cause of our unfulfillment and misery as a species. Healing is the connection back to the truth.

In this session I will lead you through a series of practices that allow you to move into self-acceptance and peace of mind.

The outcomes:

  • How to detect misalignments in your life
  • How to correct the misalignment
  • The Flow state

Live with Purpose Workshop: 3 Hours

There is nothing more fulfilling than leading a purposeful life. However, most of us live on default mode and miss out on the experience of truly living.

In this workshop I will share with the group a series of tools and techniques that will allow you to live a meaningful life based on service and contribution to the world.

The outcomes :

  • Who you are
  • What are you here for
  • How to find your purpose
  • How to live your purpose

One-to-one Coaching:

The track correction session: 90 minutes

In this 90 minute session I will coach you on just one challenge and how you can mentally and emotionally handle it through perspective shifting.


  • Clarity about where you are
  • Clarity about where you want to go
  • Bridging the gap formula

The rebirth programme: 4 weeks

In this 4 week program, I will coach you on how to rewrite your past and design a new identity to create the future of your desires.

You will have one session per week for four weeks, plus continuous follow-up in between sessions.


  • Self-acceptance and self responsibility
  • Rewriting the past
  • Defining the vision
  • This program is available on telegram in Arabic

Stop playing small programme: 8 weeks

Stop playing small and let me help you redesign your life! On this powerful journey, I will teach you to discover your life’s purpose in order to create value for your life and provide a contribution to the world.

This programme includes one session per week for 8 weeks, plus continuous follow-up in between sessions.


  • Self-acceptance and self responsibility
  • Rewriting the past
  • Defining the vision
  • The life purpose

The breakthrough Membership: 3 ,6 ,9 or 12 months Coaching Packages

Find a new in-depth perspective to your life by rewriting the past and creating a vision for the future. This in-depth coaching will show you the limiting beliefs holding you back and replace them with empowering new beliefs.


  • Uncovering limiting beliefs
  • Embracing new life model
  • Rewriting the past
  • The vision

A loyal coach that makes more effort than is expected of her. A clear communicator and amazing at convaying new ideas. I loved the Rebirth course structure and learned new techniques to apply in my new version of me. You are truly an inspirational life coach Souhila ❤️

Naeema Masud

Souhila is a very lovely,kind and warm lady that by her session I could change my life in the right path, not regret anything and promote my feeling happier,alert and I know how I can care my self and empower to unlock my potential.I appreciate very you?

Rahela Hamidi

I found all the sessions very empowering. great experience and looking forward to apply all those learned knowledge in my day to day life. Thanks sister Zahra and sister Souhila Abdelazziz.

Nadia Masud

the session was great which changed the way of my thinking and making decisions in the future . It helped me to look at every aspects of my live in a positive way.

Nilofar Saadat

The overall session of the course was very inspirational and life changing. Souhila motivated me during the session. The discussion was very practical and interactive. Souhila's encouraging attitude helped me alot in having a clearer idea about my future goals and plans. She also has an incredibly positive mindset towards life changing decisions

Zahra Arefi

Her approach and style of coaching was very impactful. She helped in empowering me to start thinking of my limiting beliefs and start flourishing and working toward my goal. She also help me use the tools i do have, to work on my strengths and improve on my weaknesses and potential . She is an awesome life coach.Thank you Souhila for being such an amazing mentor.

Pari Hussaini

The sessions change your way of perception and thoughts on life as you see things in a more positive light. It digs into your thoughts and actions and how you can become a better version of you. These sessions are great and life changing.

Raihana Sharifi

Souhila is an amazing person and I loved the sessions very much and now I am looking at my life from a new light and I have decided that I am going towards that light. I recommend anyone to these great sessions

Hakima Nawrozi

Souhila's time management workshop was of huge benefit to me! She is gentle, but real. I'm looking forward to learning more of her wisdom.

Pipa Cribb

It was a great honor and pleasure to consult with Coach Souhila in person today. She is professional and expert in talking. She helped me to light my life to spread my wings and fly like a eagle. I am grateful and thankful of the good vibes that your share and wish you keep going to light other humain around the world.

Afzèd Bou